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Participate in the Institute for Ethics

We welcome members of the community, faculty, and students to be in touch with us regarding opportunities for ethics research collaboration, education, and clinical care consultation.

If you are interested in joining our affiliated faculty or one of our advisory boards (community or university), please contact our office.

Biomedical Ethics Committee

The Institute for Ethics supports the work of the Biomedical Ethics Committee at University Hospital led by Anne Simpson, M.D. (Chair), and Jerald Belitz, Ph.D., (Vice-Chair). This Committee serves as a consultative, educational, and advisory resource for the Health Sciences Center and is comprised of physicians, nurses, clergy, lawyers, social workers, educators and community members. It has been active for over 15 years. According to Dr. Simpson, "The HSC Biomedical Ethics Committee is an integral part of the Institute for Ethics, the committee is devoted to standards of fairness. We work with patients, families and members of the treatment teams to navigate through difficult discussions, and to see that the parties involved have an opportunity to express their thoughts. Also, the Ethics Committee serves as a vehicle for education and exploration of topics that reflect ethical issues."

The Biomedical Ethics Committee meets once a month on the fourth Monday from 12:00 pm noon to 1:30 pm. In addition, members are on teams that respond to consult requests for one or two month rotations and consults are scheduled as the requests come in.

Members are expected to be available to attend consults during their teams's rotation. Each member is expected to serve on one sub-committee to support the committee's work. Members are also encouraged to attend the trainings provided by the committee to ensure that knowledge and skills are developed.

In addition, members are encouraged to attend committee trainings as well as the Ethics Law and Medicine Forums to broaden their knowledge base in the biomedical ethics arena and maintain consult leadership skills.

Biomedical Ethics Committee Application Form